15 marketing tips for more active Facebook

Marketing  28. July 2023 Ján Májek

Besides the fact that larger part of marketing is being moved to Instagram or Youtube, Facebook has its standart and stable lead position. Its power hasn’t been lowered by any trends yet. Facebook has over 1 trillion of active users per day. Traffic number of your FB will never be that high, but it will be definitely interesting and profitable.

That is why we have for you these 15 marketing tips, which will help you to improve your Facebook bussiness. Let’s look at your options!


1. Choose correct category for your business

First thing you have to do is to create company’s FB page. You do not need personal profile, but you already know that. When you create the site you have this 6 options:

Most likely, your company belongs to the section “Lucal Business” or into category “Brand or Product”. Selection of correct category is enormously important because each of them has some specific functions, which are nowhere elso to be found. That is why you should be careful about your selection. If you are a moderator and you want to promote yourself, you should definitely choose category “Artist, Band or Public Figure”. There you would find the most optimal settings for you.


2. Choose your own Facebook URL address

There is plenty of ways how you can optimalize your website after its creation. One thing that shouldnt be missing is your own URL of FB site. If your URL looks like this: https://www.facebook.com/pages/yourweb%C3%A1nka/256459854118903, we reccomend you to change it and create your own. Own URL adress which you will chose will be shorter and easier to remember.. In general it has valid form: https://www.facebook.com/websitename

When it comes to our agency we have: https://www.facebook.com/upvision.sk.digital.Agency

If you want to change your URL address you have to click on Information, then on section Name and edit it there. However, only web administrator can access to this section.

URL address which is correctly set up has more search power not only for FB but also for Google. It means that it is profitable for your SEO. Besides its functionality, it looks better and you can add it into your business card or promote on the internet or in some magazine.

3. Do not forget CTA button

On each FB business website you can access to small button “CTA”. You will find it in the” right corner under title photo.

You can optimize the text according to your preferences. You have several options: Send message, reserve, use app, sing in and more. You can link this buttons with other webs, e.g. with your web, contact form, video or others. Creativity has no borders, but we recommend you to link it to the web where you truly need it.


4. Optimalize the website as much as you can

What we mean by optimalization are options in side panel, where you have sections as “Information, services, photos, video, posts, events..! The good new is that you can add into this panel whatever you want. You can add there another section “About you” or another CTA button, e.g. “Trial for free”. The more communication channels you create, the more people will be interested in your brand. What they would find likeable is that they can easilly contact you.

5. Perfect your photos

Another good thing, that you can do for your Facebook is that you upload quality photos. All social medias are mostly visual. The first thing that is noticed on your profile is your profile and title picture. Most brands use their logo as their profile picture. That is correct, but you have to be careful about size and quality of the picture.

That also applies for your title picture. Do not hesitate to be creative with it. You can add there CTA button, video or another interesting element that would be functional.

6. Film videos

Recently is video content the best way how to increase engagement on your website. Popularity of videos is increasing rapidly and FB users watch more than 100 million hours of videos per day.

FB has changed its algorithm according to this trend, that means that videos are prefered over photos. If you still do not know what to invest in this year, you should invest into video content.

You should always rememeber that most of the users watch videos without sound, so it is important to attract their attention with good subtitiles. Besides that, people hate when the sound plays automatically after they click on the video. Be careful about that. 🙂

If you don’t have an oppurtnunity to create videos, you can try function “Facebook Live”. You can go live and you will be closer to your fans.

7. Be original, relevant and sometimes “selfish”

When you already have photos in a good quality, CTA buttons and correct URL address, you have to create content. You have to try different format of posts. You will see which of them would have highest interaction. If you do not know where to begin, we suggest you:

  • 70 % of your content should be original, produced by you and relevant
  • 20 % of your content should be relevant, but it can also be taken over (be careful and don’t take it over your direct competition, you should try to search for foreign web with the same or similar target group and you should be rather inspired by them)
  • 10 % should be your own promotion

You should try this plan in the beginning and you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your fans. Ask them or create a survey. That is the easiest way how to get to know more about what your clients want.

8. Share on Facebook content from your fans

Another effective way how to make your FB stronger is to share content which was created by your fans who present your brand. It saves time and energy. Moreover, you increase loyality of your company. Everyone want to feel as a part of their favourite brand.

The easiest way how you can do it, is that you share photos or other posts, where someone tagged your brand or who gave you a positive comment.

If you own e.g. restaurant, collect photos of people who tagged you and create an album of “satisfied customers”, of course with their permission.

9. “Clean your photos from futility

Facebook is already “crowded” . Post that is supplemented by a good quality picture is a lot more successful than a text post.

Another good combination is a text in picture, however you should be careful to do not make the text very long (max. 5 – 6 words), to make it signicant and readable. Photo has to be sharped and good quality.

When you share a FB link (e.g. your new blog post), delete URL address from your post. You will have left there title picture and a space for some effective copy. If you want to use another link in your post (e.g. for an event) shorten it into friendly version in Bitly. This is the way how you can clean your posts from futility and they would be more attractive.

10. Work with Facebook statistics

Quality content creates half of the success. Another half is in the option “Statistics” which definitely has even your site. By using this tool you will get to know what perfomance reported your site for recent 7 days – how many likes, views or previews did you get. Besides that will FB offer you some suggestions how to make it even more effective.

11. How about timing?

In statistics – in section “Posts” is an important indicator – the timing. FB will tell you when are most of your followers online. It is good to optimalize and plan your posts. Data are normally collected from the previous week. We can e.g. look on a basic Wednesday in our profile.

We can see that most of the fans are online at 19 – 20 at Wednesday. What we do with this data is that we plan some post on this time. What post? We will find out when we clik on types of posts! Now we have seen types of post which has highest interaction.

You can definitely experiment with timing. You can try another content that you are normally not used to and post it at the peak of your fans activity. You will easily understand how does it influence your clients.

So keep up with statistics, be creative, try several combination and you will see, what works best. Target group is always different that is why will be preferences always different as well.


12. Support your business with paid ad

Quality content is not the only one way how to get into public eye on Facebook.We know that FB algorithm is changing and that you could be pesimist about this kind of promotion, but we can guarantee that paid ads are still cheap and effective marketing channel. Often in a combination with quality content. Important is to define your audience.

13. Try to target at specific audience

When you set up a paid ad you should learn how to narrow down your audience- you have to make it specific. In the first place you need to switch on Business Manager.

In businesss manager, you will create an ad campaign in which you are able to reach a specific audience. You can narrow the audience according to location (e.g. specific town), or also acc. to hobbies or memorable life events… You have to use it correctly to aim to your target group.

Do you film wedding videos? You can target people who’ve changed their FB status to “engaged”.

14. Establish partnerships with influencers

By cooperation with influencers will your brand get added value. You will be promoted by someone who is trustworthy for your target group. Being aware of your target group is enormously important when it comes to influencers. They have to be relatable to their fans. You also have to have good relationship with influencer, because it also influences your potentional clients.

You will be surprised what interaction will you gain by this kind of cooperation. The only one thing you have to do is to find a right person.

15. Support your Facebook site not only on this platform

If you want your FB site to “live” more, you have to find ways, how you will bring the life there. Helpful is definitely paid ad on FB, but what else?

Are you sure that all visitors of your website know that they can find you also on FB? Do you have a link on your FB on web visible enough? Is it possible to share your article on Facebook?

You can also add FB link into mails, business cards or other propagational materials.

The higher reach, the higher probability that your FB will live!

So, these are our 15 tips. You can choose at least 5 tips at the beginning and try to apply them. It is possible that you already use some of them. If you know some that we didn’t mention, hit us up!:)

Fingers crossed.


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