How does Google analytics 4 replace data loss from cookies?

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If you are interested in performance marketing, you’ve probably noticed that Google Analytics 4 will sooner than later replace Analytics Universal. There are a lot of changes connected with transformation to GA4. It includes new way of data collecting and analyses perfoming. Let’s understand how did Analytics stepped forward in aim to meet the requirements of online world.

Google Analytics 4 is using machine learning

GDPR comes to the fore in online marketing and identification of potencional clients is rather difficult. Company Google is planing to gradually delete third party Cookie files in their browsers.

GA4 is focused on GDPR and that is why it is less focused on data from Cookie files and more on machine learning.

How does GA4 replace data loss from Cookies?

Gaps in data which could be caused be Cookies removal, should be replaced by measurable values, which are created through alghorithms. Specifically about assigning of data to some user is not created in GA4.

The basis of these calculations are e.g. older data which were analyzed and which were accessible in the form of anonymous reports. Google Analytics 4 is designed for for filling the gaps in data of machine learching. Google has explained it on their blog like this:

“Because technological environment is developing uncontinuosly, new Google Analytics is designed to adapt to the future of cookie files or without them. It is using flexible access to the measurement and it includes modelling to fill gaps in case of incomplete data. That means that you can rely on GA4 which would help you to measure marketing results and fulfill your clients needs. Important is that it is working now, when you are undergoing renewal and that it will work in the future.”

Tracking in GA4 Google service

Google Analytics 4 use a brand new data structure for tracking. In comparison to its predecessor Universal Analytics records data according to different parameters. This method is based on machine learning and Google named it “conversion modelling”

New metrics in GA4

In Universal Analytics tool are a plenty of metrics available. They are supposed to evaluate campaigns and measure traffic as page views, time spent on web and more. In new GA4 are some metrics replaced and improved. Some of them had disappear. These are some of the new GA4 metrics:

  • active users
  • views
  • conversion events
  • when does the activity begin

Google analytics 4 and data protection

As it was said before, the aim of GA4 creation is especially to deal with regulatory updates for GDPR. General regulation about GDPR was accepted in aim to provide a control for individuals about their data using.

Apple also limits the lifespan of cookie files which are normally used for marketing purpose. These were some of the reasons why Google added into Google Analytics 4 fucntion for monitoring and measurement of website traffic without cookie files.

Google analytics vs. GA4

Tool Universal Analytics has normally collected IP adresses of users, which are now identificated as personal identificational data according to GDPR. GA4 automatically anonymize IP addresses what helps to secure users personal information.

Fuctions of informational storage have been changed as well. Google Analytics 4 enables to store data for a maximum period of 14 months. In compasion with Google Universal it is much less. Google Universal enabled to store data for 64 months. By this implementation is Google trying to gradually delete third side cookies.

Why you should switch to GA4?

When you are still not a GA4 user, these reasons could persuade you:

  • Google Analytics 4 enables to track data amongst different platforms, including apps.
  • Algorithm of machine learning enables to create more relevant and complex data analysis.
  • Faster reporting and result displaying
  • You are able to try new options of visualizations in Google Analytics 4.

Do you need help with transformation to GA4? In Upvision we will set up for you everything profesionally. Aditionally, we will organize some workshops that will teach you how to work with your new interface.


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