What is the process of website creation and how much does it cost?

Programming  28. August 2023 Ján Májek

How is web created? This question is discussed amongst a lot of company owners. Because we are agency with our own programming team and we specialize on website creation (and also eshops and softwares), we actively deal with aspects of quality and performance of websites. These are of course visual part, performance but also sales and editing part of websites. What does it include and how much it cost?

In this article we will discuss creation of a new website, but a considerable part of these tips could be included on editing of your existing page and eshop or software creation.

In this article you will find answers to these questions:

  • what is our process when it comes to website creation
  • how do we create graphics, how do we deal with programming, how we consult services which are connected to website creation
  • what kind of team works on website creation
  • how much the website creation cost

1. How do we create website?

Model (standard) situation:

Client makes a demand to execution of price offer, but we do not have required information.

When it comes to web creation, we define these questions:

  • What is the purpose of website? Presentation, sale of products or sale of services?
  • Does the website require administration of content?
  • What functions should have the website?
  • What is clients budget?
  • In what time interface should it be done?

For identification of client’s requirenments we have to answer (not only stated) multiple questions. The result of information collection is a list of information which are needed to be implemented in another process of website creation.

After we gain the complex overview we have to execute a technical specification or a mindmap of project. These are a source of answers to the questions which were stated before.

What is technical specification? Technical specification is a document which consits of detailed functions, subpages, programming language, maintenance after finalization of website, time estimation, sumarization and goals and other information which depend on the specification of process. You should chceck all of these things during web creation.

What is mindmap? Mindmap is a concept of structure which defines thoughts, concepts and ideas which are connected to web development. Additionally, you can find there subpages, their contests and click throughs.


We defined expectations and results in this phase. Technical specification and mindmap are materialized in wireframes. Before wireframe creation we normally do a market research to define target audience. This is used to reflect the clients needs in his business segment.

What is wireframe? Wireframe is black and white insight into website structure with arrangement of individual elements, information and graphical and text content. In this phase we are focused on wireframe features which are connected to implementation of correct elements and their correct placement. Wireframe is also used as a concept for graphics creation.

2. How is web created when it comes to design, programming and other services which are connected to this process

First part of the work is completed. We are signing a contract currently and we have an overview of the project. We know what client wants and what he needs – we know his expectations and aims.

What does design creation consist of? Sometimes we are on “green meadow” and we create a new brand. Sometimes we are rebranding and the identity is preserved. Creation of website design is connected to wireframe.

After graphics approval by client we start a processs of programming – firstly there is a “frontend programming” which creates the visual part. Then there is a “backend” which creates the fuctional part in the background. Additionaly it connects databasis.

We create the websites with regard to their functionality, simplicity, clarity, user friendliness and of course – activity to the sales support.

We test, test and test after programming! Not only “testers” help us with this, but also Google consoles.

Site speed test -> speed insights, which evaluates speed and loading of site

Site resposiveness test-> mobily friendly test, which evaluates suitability of the website for mobile devices.

Another services which we provide in connection to the web development are e. g. SEO onpage optimalization, usage of third sites tools (e.g. analytical), establishment of Google profile – my company and implementation of SSL certificate, which deals e.g. with web safety or connection to Google Search Console…

Google Search Console – tools and overviews Google Search Console which help to measure website traffic, web performance in terms of searching, problems fixing and to make search visible.

SSL certifikát – safety certificate SSL is the basis which ensures data transfer and communication between the site and site visitors. It is a protection of website against this:

This is how we secure acquistion of important information about visitors, basis to the indexication in Google and other advantages (maybe also against competition) from which we are able to benefit in the future.

The result is a website which meets the requirenmets of today’s times.

3. How is web created and who works on website?

With the process of website development deal project manager, designers, copywriters, programmers, coders, SEO specialists, account managers and testers. In the beggining is direction of the project set by managing directors, who ensure communication with client (business and project affairs). After the introductory phase is work moved on account manager, who is a “connector” between graphics, programmers and copywriters. Of couse, account manager continuosly communicate the results of our work with client.

In the process of website creation are included Google specialists who deal with SEO optimalization. Website is made by experienced and talented people, who create websites on daily basis.

4. How is the web developed and how much money costs the creation?

“How much cost a car” – this is for us a question which has the same answer as how much costs the website. Price is influenced by graphics, preparation of another project development and range of another services like SEO…

“Long story short” even when we are purchasing a car we have set our budget. When we are buying a car, we know what to expect. Expectations are throughs which we define with the client during the setup and planning of project and budget.

Website is in Upvison created by a team of people who are experts in their fields. Even though we are not able to create a website for 100 , we are able to set a budget with client to meet the requirenmets of both sites. Together we want to achieve required result – amazing web which will fulfill its aim.



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