Livestreaming: its benefits for communication with customers

Awareness, Social media  5. October 2023 Ján Májek

There are many ways of how to communicate with your customers on social networks. You can regularly speak through posts, stories, reels or livestreams. Each of the mentioned methods of communication has a different effect on your customers. In this article, you will learn the importance of livestreaming for communication with customers.

Livestreaming connects you in a real time

A huge benefit and at the same time the biggest difference of livestreaming from other formats is that you can communicate with your audience in a real time. The most typical format of livestreaming is Q&A, in which you directly answer questions of your followers. Instant interaction strengthens your relationships and creates a deeper and more personal relationship between your business and your clients. At the same time, you can inform your followers about news from your company. You will make them believe that it is worth joining your live stream because you share there some additional value.

Your clients are used that you communicate with them through posts on social media. However, if you will present your services and products on a live stream, you will create a space for a direct discussion. Online conversations with your customers will deepen your relationship and your brand will appear very trustworthy.

People will come back to your livestreams

If you will go live regularly and you will actively communicate with your customers there, they will come on your livestreams again and again. When you are active, you will achieve that you followers will have the feeling that they have to join your livestreams in order to acknowledge internal information that they cannot read anywhere else.

The reach of livestreams is huge

Thanks to livestreams, you can reach a wide audience. A great platform for livestreams is TikTok. You are not limited there by the rule that the user has to subsribe you in order to find out that you are live. On TikTok, concent spreads organically, and you can appear on anyone’s “for you page”. Thanks to this, anyone can find out about you and your client’s portfolio can increase significantly!

Livestreaming can be analyzed

Like other formats, livestreams also have great features that you can measure the effectiveness of your strategy. The advantage of the livestream is that you can monitor during streaming whether the current topic has potential, because you can see the number of viewers. At the same time, you also get immediate feedback in the form of comments or likes. Because of this features, you can instantly adapt your content and communication strategy to the mood of your audience.

Livestreaming is not just a trend

Livestreaming is much more than a trend. It is a tool that has the potential to strengthen communication with customers. At the same time, it deepens the relationship between the brand and its audience. If you’re thinking about your social media strategy, livestreaming is definitely a tool worth applying!

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