Social media: Why to trust digital agency with them

Marketing, Social media  28. September 2023 Ján Májek

Do you believe that marketing on social networks is not necassary for your brand or that you do not need anyone to publish your picture on Facebook or Instagram? We would like to present you reasons why you might be wrong. 

Social media is not only about adding a photo to your feed. You can use them to increase awareness of your brand, to build relationships with customers or to increase sales. What benefits do you get when you entrust your social networks to digital agency?

Social networks offer a business interface that allows you to target marketing activities by using various tools. As an agency, we use these tools to manage social networks, publish posts, create advertising campaigns or analyze content performance. Social media marketing requires a well-thought-out strategy, copywriting skills and graphic sensibilities.

Social networks – strategy

Are you wondering why it is necessary to have a strategy created on social networks? An affective strategy for communication and social network managment is the key to success. We are not able to build a successful profile that represent your brand and its value without well-thought-out plan and clearly defined steps. The strategy depends on your target audience and current marketing objective. Each brand has its own specific target audience, different goals and sell different products or services. You cannot succeed on social networks without an effective strategy, as well as by copying the strategies of competing brands. Work of our agency is based on many years of experience. We will create you an effective strategy tailored for your brand.

Social networks – communication aim

The first step is to define the communication goal of your brand, which we want to achieve through communication on social networks. As an agency, we will set the right communication goal for your brand, on the basis of which we will subsequently create an effective communication strategy.

The basic goals of social media marketing include increasing awareness and expanding your reach, building relationships and online communities, generating leads and completing direct sales. According to the current goal the social media strategy is developed into 3 phases: awareness, consideration and conversion.

1. Awareness

That is the first phase in which we reach a wide audience that is not yet familiar with your brand, product or service. We strive to build awareness of your brand and increase reach. Social media ads are a great way to get your brand to your target audience faster.

2. Consideration

In the second phase, we create content that communicates the benefits of your brand or products (services), reasons why people should buy it. In general we remind your target group about your brand. We direct our actions so that people start thinking about buying products or using your brand’s services. We also create viral posts that can draw a lot of attention to your brand.

3. Conversion (action)

In the last phase, we try to persuade people who have shown interest in your brand to buy your product (service). In this phase, we use targeting to selected target audience or re-targeting. One of the most effective ways is to reach out to those users who have already visited your website.

Target audience

Who are your customers? What do they like? It is important to know your target audience – these are customers to whom you want to sell your products. Because we will adapt the content communicated on social networks to customers. In agencies are personas used to define target audience. Personas are profiles of people who represent the ideal user of your product (service). Personas are the basic block of communication, the goal of which is to understand the problems and behavior of customers so that you can offer them what they want. They include a lot of information, from demographics to daily habits, purchase motivations and customers values to customer’s fears and leisure time activities. The number of created personas is based on the number of problems that target group solves, but most often we create 1 to 3 personas.

Creating communication

A memorable link based on insight, a creative idea, quality execution and correctly chosen communication channels together with format help to achieve your defined marketing goal.

1. Insight

In order to be able to transform the information we have about your target group into an effective advertising campaign, we define an insight and an idea. Insight is not based on facts and is not something obvious that the customer would know in advance. Customers feel from advertising campaign that the brand understood them, they feel special or they identify with the brand.

2. Idea

Based on insight, we define a good and creative idea. That is one that brings a new perspective on things and a new way of thinking. The more creative the idea, the higher the chance that we will attract your target group and remember the advertisement together with your brand.

3. Moodboard

It is an surface with images and descriptions that show what emotions and atmosphere your brand, product, service, website or e-shop should evoke in customers. Based on the moodboard agreed by you, we will then create visual communication and define individual graphic elements.

4. Selection of channels and formats

The next step is the selection of communication channels and formats. How do we choose the right social network on which your brand will communicate? According to your target group and where they are most often located, as well as according to the competition. Basic communication channels from social networks that we use in the agency include Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. You can find on these almost everyone.

Facebook is currently the most popular social network in Slovakia and in the world. It is also the most effective communication channel where we can target your brand to your users according to demographic indicators, as well as their interests and purchasing behaviour. Did you know that through Facebook we can also manage Instagram account and set up Instagram ads? Instagram and TikTok, on the other hand, are networks with a younger audience. Both social networks have their differences in the content that we will share. LinkedIn is a network suitable for the B2B market, as it contains enterpreneurs and a business-oriented audience. The most watched video content provider is YouTube, which has even overtaken television. People come here to actively watch video content, so it is an ideal network where we can run video ads.

We use various formats for communication via social networks, such as video, live broadcasts, reels, GIFs, single photos, carousels, albums, surveys or stories. However, all of these formats are connected to the selected social network. Through the video format, we are better to approach and present your brand and its values to the target audience. Videos have the best results among other formats in brand awareness campaigns. But the most effective way is to combine and vary the formats based on the communication strategy.

social media

5. Execution – advertising campaigns

Execution includes specific output for specific channels through which we will communicate your brand content. Based on your marketing goals, we will define the content and individual topics on which the communication will be focused. The choice of tone of voice also depends on how you want to be perceived by your customers. It is how we will communicate with your target audience. Tone of voice includes both verbal and visual characteristics of communication, such as color, font or sound in advertising. Why is tone of voice important? Because it differentiates your brand from the competition, increases credibility and brand value, affects human emotions and captures the attention of the audience.

Creation of the content plan

Based on the content strategy, we will create a content plan for you. It is created for a certain period of time, most often for one month. The content plan includes information such as the number of posts in a given period, date and time of publication, post formats, post message, post texts – their exact meaning, post visuals, promotion budget and short brief for the graphic designer.

Professional text writing

You might think that writing text for post is not difficult. But writing a concise, memorable and interesting text for your target group, gramatically correct is more difficult. In the agency, we have creative copywriters who will come up with a claim for your brand, write engaging advertising texts, quality articles or text your website. Are you used to write withou diacritics? In the professional marketing sphere, you should forget about such technique. Let’s be honest, Slovak language has many rules and exceptions that we easily forget over time if we do not use them. Our copywriters are experts in grammar and stylics, they are familiar with various topics and write texts that can sell your product faster.

Attractive graphic visual of posts

Saying: “You don’t make a second impression.” applies several times to your brand’s graphic visuals. In our agency, we have graphic designers with many years of experience who use professional graphic programs and specialize in various formats of visuals in digital form. Visuals of posts on social media should correspond with your corporate identity and should be unified according to the design manual. If users are not interested in the visual of the post, they will not even read the text under the post. They will just scroll further and maybe come across competing content , what is an unwanted situation. This is problem of mainly Instagram since it is visual platform. Graphic design also plays an important role in the creation of websites, where graphic deisgners deal with the color scheme, typographic elements and visual design. If you want your posts to look professional, leaave it in the hands of our graphic designers.

6. Advertising and data collection

Organic content is currently very negligible on social media and is not very effective without advertising support. If you don’t want to blend in with the competition and remain unnoticed by customers, advertising campaings are the right choice. Effective social media marketing consists of more than the occasional boosst of posts. A well-set advertising campaign finds the customer at the right time, in the right place and influences them in your favor.

When creating an ad on Facebook, we will create a Facebook page for you, set up a Business Manager and an advertising account. More advanced ad targeting uses the deployment of the Facebook Pixel,  it allows you to taget your ad to people who have already taken an action on your website. We place ads on Facebook, Instagram and Meesenger using the Business Manager tool. These activities are also related to the collection of data about cutomers, such as obtaining demographic data about users who follow your content or obtaining information about the times when are users active on your profile. Advertising and organic content complement each other. We distribute content to the taget audience using the STDC acquisition model, which consists of 4 phases: SEE – THINK- DO – CARE.

social media

1. See (awareness)

The customer comes into contact with your brand for the first time and gets to know it. Consciously or subconsciously registers a brand name, logo or products (services). However, the customer is not considering the purchase yet. We focus on introducing the brand and its values, building awareness and introducing products.

2. Think (consideration)

Customer knows that his needs will be satisfied by a certain product (service) and considers which brand to choose. We bring information to your potential customer in the form and on the platform they prefer. We build brand authority, client trust, communicate the benefits of the brand and products (services).

3. Do (Action)

The customer knows what he wants, he is ready to buy a product (service) and we want to stimulate immediate action to make the purchase of the product as fast as possible.

4. Care (Loyalty)

Follows only after the purchase and use of the product (service) by the customer. We try to build a long -term relationship with your customer. We take care of his satisfaction. By repeat purchase, we want to get new turnover from already existing customers.

Statistics evaluation and adjustment

If you thought it was enough to create a content strategy, publish posts or run ads, you were wrong. The most important step is data measurement, proper evaluation and subsequent optimalization of campaigns and content. Through statistics, we evaluate the benefit of your brand communication, the success of contributions and the return on investment. We are taking steps to achieve lower conversion rates and conversely increase target audience negagement rates. Thanks to optimalization, we monitor the perfomance of the strategy and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. And then we decide on the furher direction of your brand on social networks, to which we adapt your brand’s communication activities.

A social media strategy is a long-term investment and doesn’t bring big results immediately after a month or two. If you want to have visible results, it is important to communicate based on the strategy continuosly and over a longer period of time, at least 6-12 months.

Are you thinking about marketing on social networks, want help with content strategy or need to set up advertising campaigns? Contact us and our team of professionals will help you achieve your marketing goals and take your social networks to the next level.

Are you planning to start digitizing your company? We will advise you!
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