Trends in recruitment of employees in 2023

Marketing  14. August 2023 Ján Májek

If you are not using social media for recruitment of employees to your company, you should pay attention. Digitalization progresses quickly and every 10th employee is hired in company based on marketing on social networks. This phenomenon is mainly related to the fact that Generation Z(Gen Z) is starting to enter the workforce, and their proportion in the global workforce will be up to 27 % by 2025. These are trends in recruitment of employees in 2023!

1. Large forms belong to the past

A change in the form of contact forms is also related to the inclusion of Generation Z in the workforce. Based on the survey, it was found that 54 % of Gen Z will not fill out long and complicated forms. If you want to attract a young workforce, you should rather bet on direct and frequent communication.By regular communication, you will keep the attention of job seekers.

gen Z

2. Don’t be afraid of automated communication

One of the most significant tools of 2023 is artificial intelligence and this trend did not bypass the field of HR. If you are looking for employees for your company, use automated emails or chatbots. Their primary advantage is that these tools communicate promptly and easily. The job seeker gets an immediate response from you and you have the oppurtunity to interact immediately.

3. Employees are 3X more trusted than employers

Top career network analyzed that both passive and active job seekers trust the company’s employees more that the employer himself. This means that if you want to keep your recruitment marketing up to date, you should focus on your employee references. Review websites such as Indeed or Glassdoor are often used platforms on which employees positively evaluate their employer. A good evaluation of real employee has much hore weight than any campaign.

4. 75 % of job seekers are intested in your company’s values

Modern employees who belong to the Generation Z or Millenials are more interested in the company’s reputation and values that in financial rewards or benefits. They want to work for companies that reflect their beliefs and values and care about their employees and environment. If they are interested in some company, they search for relevant information about company on the Internet and they read reviews from employees. If you want to attract young and dynamic employees, work on your company’s image.

company's values


5. Focus on people

Involve your employees in presenting your values and your identity. In 2023, social media users appreciate realness. It means that presenting your company’s culture will attract potential employees more than long texts and articles.

6. Adapt everything to mobile devices

We already know that people look for jobs on social networks. It is important to realize that these platforms are most often used on mobile devices. Besides job searching, users are directly applying for jobs through their phones! According to Indeed, 78 % of Millenials, 73 % of Gen X and 57,2 % of Baby Boomers have searched for jobs on the phone since 2016. This means that all generations, who are part of workforce actively use mobile devices. When you do not have job offeres and job application optimized for mobile phones, you’re probably missing out a lot of quality workforce.

You can use video content as a way to tell your company’s story. By video creating you show that you keep up with technologies and you adapt to trends. Additionally,  video content is easily shareable and it has tendention to get into minds of mass of users. Videos are also easily mesurable and reportable so you can quickly resolve if is this strategy functional or not.

work search

7. 78 % of marketers believe that the future is in videos

Social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or TikTok are irreplaceable part of marketing strategies and this also applies on recruiting. Videos are the most popular type of nowadays content. Not only they are easier to “digest” than traditional texts, but their followers are more inclined to believe the spoken rather than the written word.

In the case of recruiting, you can use video content as a mean through which you tell your company’s story. When you create videos, you show that you keep up with technology and adapt to trends and market.

At the same time, video content is easily shareable and tends to reach the mass of users. Additionally, videos are measurable and reportable easily, so you can quickly find out if is this strategy effective for you or not.


Dive into world of digitalization

All in all, you will strenghthen your brand awareness on market of labour by using social networks and by using trends. Users actively use mobile devices for everyday tasks, so you should allow them to apply for jobs via smartphones.

The year 2023 is primarily about digitalization in the field of recruiting employees. If you are interested in this topic even more and you need an advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We have valuable experiences in this area and we will be glad if we could prepare for you a marketing plan for recruitment that will be tailored and responsible.

Are you planning to start digitizing your company? We will advise you!
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